Over the past few years, substrates have become wider, thinner, and more sensitive. Production speed is increasing to meet growing demand and a cost-sensitive market. The rapid change of today’s high tech production has led conventional paper systems to meet new challenges and limitations in different industries. A combination of adhesive paper rollers and cleaning rollers is a reliable and effective process for most needs and remains the popular choice for many industries. However, despite its advantages, there are still some limitations for several applications which usually involve ultra-thin material with high speed applications or special environments like vacuum chambers or high temperatures.

After several years of research and development, YanGo has introduced the Gapless™ roll-to-roll system for answering your unique demands. The concept of Gapless™ technology is the same as a conventional paper-to-roll system, except it uses a special synthetic rubber transfer roller instead of conventional adhesive paper rolls. Not only the tranfer roller, but also the cleaning roller is changed to non-silicon. The resulting benefits are: high speed stability, high temperature capacity, no gap, no vibration, and no airshaft leakage, thus, achieving maximum cleaning performance.

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