Contact Clean

In today’s high tech world, many converting industries require perfectly clean and dustless surfaces of their material before going through critical manufacturing processes. Our customer services range from coating and laminating optical films that are used in TFT LCD manufacturing to Cooper oil laminating with PI film on flexible printed circuit boards to medicine and food packaging,

Even with today’s high standard cleaning room environments, issues of material contamination during production are prevalent. The concept of “contact cleaning” is to use a special synthetic rubber roller which directly contacts the production material to pick-up any dry, non-sticky or oil free particles which will then simultaneously be transferred onto an adhesive paper roller. When the outer layer of the adhesive is fully covered with particles, simply peel and remove the contaminated layer and discard.

The advantages of this system include a superior cleaning ability, cost efficient debris removal, and little to no maintenance. Furthermore, unlike conventional non-contact cleaning equipment, contact cleaners can easily penetrate the “boundary layer” and eliminates particles that are down to1 micron in size.

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