Customized Cleaner

YanGo standard web/sheet cleaners can meet most customer’s needs in the market today.

YanGo is always willing to push itself a step further to develop non-standard/custom machines that help customers overcome any challenges in high-end applications or space constrained applications.

YanGo provides the following services:

  • Customized developmentDevelop distinct cleaners that meet customers’ unique needs.
  • Customized modificationModify existing cleaners when customers’ production line is adapted.

*Please contact us for special requirements.

Case Studies

  • Customized SRRW double side cleaner equipps with side-pull-out system.

  • Customized CMW model and incooperates with existing cleaning back-up roller.

  • Non-standard CMS-L and incooperates with existing machine

  • Non-Standard CMW in high temperature and vaccum operating environment.

  • Customized CMW-ULT incooperates with optional full auto head.