• Compatible with Gapless ™ and adhesive roll system
  • Depending on the application, CMS-H designed as off-line or in-line configuration.
  • Clean Width 1100mm~1500m


CMS-H is designed for wide sheeted material applications ranging from 1100mm~1500mm. With easy to use multi-lingual operator interface and various optional functions to be chosen from, CMS-H is your best sheet cleaning solution. SRR/ULT Gapless and paper systems are both available for this model. Please contact us for more information.

Standard Equipment:

  • Conveyor

    The standard length of our belt conveyor is 1000mm.

  • Side-Pull-Out System

    A side-pull-out system provides the easiest way for accessing paper and cleaning rollers for areas within limited spaces.

  • Pre-cut Adhesive Roll

    The CMSH-PS is equipped with pre-cut adhesive rolls which contain 20m/68 sheets.

  • 5.7" Multi-Language PLC Interface

    The Multi-Language interface provides standard functions such as: uni-directional, auto-reversing, roll-life, feed-on-demand, etc 

  • Static Eliminator

    The 7KV static elimination system is at the web exit/entry side to discharge any remaining static.

Optional Equipment:

  • Guide Roller

    The CMS-H can be designed as off-line or in-line configuration.