• Adhesive Roll System
  • For Narrow Web Application
  • Clean Width 500mm~1600mm


CMN-P/S is designed for wide web applications ranging from 500mm~1600mm.

CMN-P/S is equipped with an elastomer cleaning roller and adhesive paper roll. The advantages of this system are increased cost efficiency and less maintenance. Depending upon the customer's application and needs, CMW-P/S can easily be adapted for installation onto the production line with simple adjustments of the machine structure or of the roller configuration which can minimize a customer’s evaluation risks. Moreover, a variety of optional equipment is available. Please contact us for more information. 

Standard Equipment:

  • Pre-cut Adhesive Roll

    The CMN-PS is equipped with pre-cut adhesive rolls which contain 20m/68 sheets.

  • Two in One Unit

    The CMN double- sided (DS) cleaner can easily separate from one DS unit into two single-sided machines.

  • Nip or Wrap Configuration

    The CMN double- sided cleaner can be installed as a nip or wrap configuration, depending on your application.

  • Static Eliminator

    The 7KV static elimination system is at the web exit/entry side to discharge any remaining static.

Optional Equipment:

  • Safety Guards

    Safety guards provide a safe environment during in-line operation.

  • Side-Pull-Out System

    A side-pull-out system provides the easiest way for accessing paper and cleaning rollers for areas within limited spaces.

  • Explosion Proof Static Eliminator

    Our explosion proof static elimination system ensures a safe environment with high performance 8KV and CE marking.