Full Auto

  • Full auto is an optional retrofit that works with models CMW-SRR, CMW-ULT & SRR-H/W


The full auto system is an option for the CMW-SRR, CMW-ULT, and SRRH/W models.

It provides an automatic ease of roller cleaning maintenance in tight spaces while also minimizing the time spent on the roller cleaning maintenance. With the full auto system, the best roller cleaning efficiency can be achieved. Please contact us for more information. 

Standard Equipment:

  • PLC System + 5.4" Touch Screen

    Touch Screen functionality provides easy adjustment of solvent levels and maintenance cycle.

  • Liter Solvent Tank

    One full-auto head requires one 5L solvent tank.

  • Explosion Proof Static Eliminator

    Our explosion proof static elimination system ensures a safe environment with high performance 8KV and CE marking.

Optional Equipment: