• Gapless ™ System
  • For Wide Web Application
  • Clean Width 1200mm~2350mm


CMW-SRRULT is designed for wide web and heavy duty applications ranging from 1200mm~2350mm. 

This roller combination of CMW-SRRULT can be chosen from SRR Gapless or ULT Gapless system.

Unlike the conventional paper system, CMW-SRRULT can be operated under high speed and high temperature conditions with no gap and no vibration between rollers, thus achieving maximum cleaning performance.

Depending upon the material that needs to be cleaned and operating conditions, YanGo can select the roller combination that best suits your application. Please contact us for more information.

Standard Equipment:

  • Two in One Unit

    The CMW-SRR/ULT double- sided (DS) cleaner can easily separate from one DS unit into two single-sided machines.

  • Nip or Wrap Configuration

    CMW-SRR/ULT double-sided cleaner can be installed as a nip or wrap configuration, depending on your application.

  • Semi-Auto Cleaning System

    The CMW-SRR/ULT is equipped with our semi-auto cleaning system which allows easy transfer and cleaning roller maintenance.

  • Static Eliminator

    7KV static elminator system at web exit side to discharge reamining static.

Optional Equipment:

  • Protective Guard

    Protective guard provides a safe environment during on-line operation.

  • Side-Pull-Out System

    Side-pull-out system provides the easist way for accessing paper and clean roller at limited space condition.

  • Carbon Fiber Shaft

    For web width over 2000mm, YanGo recommends using carbon fiber shaft to achieve high strength, ultra lightweight, and low deflection performance.

  • Full-Auto System

    Full-auto system minimizes the time spent on routine maintenance.

  • Expolsion Proof Semi-Auto Cleaning System

    Electrical free and air driven semi-auto system is best suitable for explosive enviroenment.

  • Explosion Proof Static Eliminator

    With high performance 8KV and CE marking, explosion proof static eliminator ensures a safe environment.