• Compatible with SRR roller only
  • Up to 11 types of SRR roller to be chosen from
  • SRR-H for web ranging from 2350~3000mm
  • SRR-W for web ranging from1200~2350mm


SRR-H/W is designed for wide web applications and is equipped with a single cleaning roller that best suits a working condition where there are space constrictions. A variety of cleaning rollers are available for selection. Please contact us for more information.

Standard Equipment:

  • Semi-Auto Cleaning System

    SRR-H/W is equipped with semi auto cleaning system which allows easy transfer/clean roller maintenance.

  • SRR Cleaning Roller

    YanGo has up to 11 types to meet all your application needs.

  • Static Eliminator

    The 7KV static elimination system is at the web exit/entry side to discharge any remaining static.

Optional Equipment:

  • Full-Auto System

    A full-auto system reduces the time spent on routine transfer and cleaning roller maintenance.

  • Side-Pull-Out System

    A side-pull-out system provides the easiest way for accessing paper and cleaning rollers for areas within limited spaces.

  • Protective Guards

    Protective guards provide a safe environment during in-line operation.

  • Expolsion Proof Semi-Auto Cleaning System

    The voltage free and air driven semi-auto cleaning system is best suitable for explosion proof needs.

  • Explosion Proof Static Eliminator

    Our explosion proof static elimination system ensures a safe environment with high performance 8KV and CE marking.